Fabric textile industry in cold and dense suspension of the rescue
Release date:2017-8-10
Source:China Textile Net
In the near future, with the depression of the big environment, the fabric textile industry share price has been depressed, most of the company's share price at the bottom stage. Random search of relevant messages, you can use depressed described: Deep textile A (000045. SZ) recently announced interim results, the first half net profit loss of about 22 million yuan; Tianshan Textile July 9 opened 7.83 yuan, close, the shares fell 3.32% reported 7.57 yuan, Huafang textile opening report 9.92 Yuan, closing, the shares fell 3.6% reported 9.65 Yuan.

For this, securities experts "warm" hint, recent textile fabric stock is not active, please investors care. Most of the shares are subject to low institutional concerns, and there is not enough research to support ratings, and appropriate band operations.

It is really "sad and miserable".
Back to the third quarter of last year, O2O, gold to change the arrival of hot spots, in fact, gave the market to launch a foothold in the theme of investment opportunities. But after the tide, it is not difficult to find the textile fabric industry low stock price and low valuation status has not been significantly reversed, especially for the two-level market, performance downturn, the concept of textile fabric is not enough to be selective forgotten corners.

From the industry-both listed and unlisted-, as valuations are at the bottom, industrial capital is beginning to alliances among companies to make full use of the relatively low cost of intervention, which is the most direct example of a number of listed companies starting to suspend business planning and restructuring.

No company is willing to return to the market, and shareholders holding its shares are less willing. Today, whether there is a possibility of restructuring, there is no ability to buy back, a lot of fabric enterprises to plan for the cause of major issues, the suspension of the pawn, more than one day is a day.

Familiar with the stock people know, the market when the suspension, is a great loss, but the market is not ideal when the suspension, but is a good thing. To put it bluntly, in a bear market suspension, the company can save a lot of transaction costs, the shares can be mortgage loans, do not affect the use of funds. In addition, all funds generated by the suspension period of interest is owned by the securities, theoretically, the longer the better ...

In the 2014, the textile industry continued to recover still weak attitude, the market, such as the material is still falling, find the bottom process is long and arduous. But the bear market is like this, "stewed Bear's Paw" is not "braised beef", the most important thing when hunting bears is the timing, the heavy warehouse attack to wait until the best time to come. Hope Fabric textile Enterprises can find their own "paws" after the suspension.

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