China's light industry achieves profit growth in the first half 11.19%
Release date:2017-8-10
Source:China News Service
August 7, from the Chinese light Industry brand value evaluation Results news conference, the first half of this year, China's light industry profit growth of 11.19%, growth rate higher than the main business income growth of 1.02%, but the main income margin of less than 2012, 2013 level, the entire industry continued low operation.

At present, China's light industry is facing a slowdown in consumption growth, labor environmental protection and so on, and the phenomenon of export trade is serious. The first half of the industry completed the main business income of 10.21 trillion yuan, year-on-year growth of 10.17%, still running under the stable interval rail.

"The more growth slows, the more emphasis should be placed on branding and value." "The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences academician Wang Tongsan said, the brand reflects the industry's maturity to a certain extent, China's annual brand problems, direct and indirect losses amounted to 1 trillion of dollars, corporate brand awareness is not strong, brand building way backward." "Foreign enterprises by virtue of the ' Ocean brand ' easy to earn about 85% of the industrial chain of profits, we are for about 15% of the profits struggle."

Wang Shicheng, vice president of China Light Industry Federation, said that with the development of industrial structure adjustment, light industry should promote product value added and brand value promotion, and enlarge the space of advantageous enterprises.

He said that the current corporate brand value does not fully reflect the value of the product itself, a keen ranking and the depth of the results of the ranking analysis is not enough. The China Light Industry Federation will promote the construction of brand value evaluation system in light industry, promote the decoupling of entrepreneur's value and brand value, scientifically measure brand value and promote the formation of brand trading market.

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