Textile Thirteen-Five planning materials to be introduced at the end of next year to expand the scale of high and new fiber
Release date:2017-8-10
Source:First spinning
China Textile Industry Federation vice president Gaoyong told reporters, textile Thirteen-Five planning is expected to be introduced at the end of next year. The focus will be to enlarge the scale of high and new fiber and increase the market share of industrial textiles.

Gaoyong said that the current Thirteen-Five planning related research work, starting next year. In the Thirteen-Five plan, the textile industry has two main directions. One is to enlarge carbon fiber, aramid, high-strength High modulus polyethylene, polyphenylene sulfide and other High-tech fiber market size. Another in the mass fiber level, to focus on the development of natural fiber replacement fiber.
Scale of textile industry

In the high and new fiber level, 35 period, the Chinese textile industry basically completes the research and development, the small test, forms the small-scale production. Gaoyong said, during the 45 period, we hope that large-scale production, expand the scale, to further promote the market.

As the High-tech fiber is used in the industrial textile market. Gaoyong said that the focus on the development of High-tech fiber is to enlarge the market size of textile industry, to enhance its share in the entire textile industry.

According to the current market situation in some developed countries, industrial textiles have accounted for nearly 50% of the textile market.

High-tech fiber faces a certain market promotion challenge. From the carbon fiber, aramid market situation, the low-end product batch production, the price impact of greater.

Gaoyong said that the carbon fiber may be more serious than Kevlar. At present, the carbon fiber developed by the T300, T400 are low-grade, Aramid 1313 is also partial low-grade. As long as large-scale production, the market capacity may soon be full. This involves the issue of market development and continued expansion. This is also the focus of Thirteen-Five.

Increase the development of cotton-type substitute fiber

At the mass-fiber level, Gaoyong said, Thirteen-Five should focus on the development of cotton-type substitution fiber and differentiated fiber.

At present, China's fiber consumption market, nearly 80% of fiber consumption is chemical fiber, and the chemical fiber more than 70% of polyester fiber.

Gaoyong said that polyester fiber is now in the performance, there are some gaps in the substitution of cotton. Therefore, the Thirteen-Five emphasis must first develop cotton type substitution. Second, is differentiated fiber, that is to say not only substitutes cotton, also can replace hemp, wool fiber and so on.

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